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The Total Art Work Prize

"Artur Balder, awarded “Total Artwork 2013”
by the Wagner Society.
The Spanish writer, now settled in the USA, received this prize
for his set of novels 'Tetralogy of Teutoburg'".

Wagner Prize

EFE, Madrid. "The Wagner Society of Alicante, a cultural organization founded 20 years ago, has awarded its prize "Total Artwork 2013" to the 'Saga of Teutoburg', a group of historical fiction novels written by Artur Balder. In 2012 that prize was for the "Requiem" by composer György Ligeti, and the Richard Wagner Prize 2012 was awarded to conductor-composer Esa-Pekka Salonen, former director of the Los Angeles Philarmonic.

Born in Alicante (Spain), now living in the United States, Balder has devoted four volumes to the Germanic hero Arminius the Cheruscan, a controversial and brilliant barbarian soldier who fought against the Roman Empire at the borders of Germania.

"The Last Cheruscan" (2005), "Liberator (2006)", "The Battle of Destiny" (2007) and "Dawn of the Aesir" (2013) make up this saga, which will be again published by Ediciones B in Spain and Latin America.

With a press release, the president of the Wagner Society of Alicante, Javier Tomás Marín, has pointed the relevance of this Balder's saga and its connection to Wagner's works.

“The books explores the origins of the myth of Sigfred with his most probable precedent, Arminius” said Tomás, who has also stated that this tetralogy is “pioneer according to the fact that he author has been able, thanks to a great philological and mythological study, to set the whole work in the original Germanic language, just as the Cheruschi spoke back in the first century before Christ”.

The title “Tetralogy of Teutoburg” is actually “an allusion to the capital artwork by Richard Wagner, and follows the structure of prologue and three episodes also present in the famous Wagner's tetralogy “The Ring of the Nibelungs”, Tomás added.

The poet, essay-writer and founding member of the Wagner Society, José Miguel Ferrer, has explained on his behalf that “like Sigfred's myth, Balder's work is a complete revision of heroism, understood like the creation and the destruction of the wold, gathered in a Superhuman”.

“Humanism is the central part of the work, since the myth is circumscribed to the main hero, capable of changing the course of History, as was the case of Arminius, defying the circumstances in a revolutionary way, just like Sigfred too”, states Ferrer. In addition, the wagnerian association of Alicante has also awarded Balder the prize “Richard Wagner's Bicentennial 2013” for his career not only as the writer of this saga, but also as an essay-writer, poet, painter and film-maker.

“Balder fulfills our interest on artists who, like Wagner, break and merge the boundaries between the different art forms”, stated the same sources.

Balder will premiere his film “Ciria pronoucend Thiria” with the collaboration of Telefónica on May, the 9th at the MoMA, New York. The film is focused on the work of the Spanish painter José Manuel Ciria, and Balder is not only its director, but also writer, producer and editor.

In addition, Balder is the author of the documentary “Little Spain”, a journey through the unknown history of the presence of Spanish people in Manhattan, where they formed one of the best settled communities in New York during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Total Artwork Prize 2013 announcement in the Wagnerian Association

Richard Wagner's Bicentennial Prize 2013 announcement in the Wagnerian Association

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