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Proto-Germanic language

This edition differs greatly from previous editions.

The new edition contains, in addition to improvements in the plot and structure, the influence of a deep study of the original Proto-Germanic language, as it was used by the Cherusci. Thus, the author has used the voices concerning gods names as they were called by the Germanic tribes in the times of Arminius. So Thor's voice, for example, has been replaced by Thunar, the term that actually the Cherusci concerned the God of Thunder.

Moreover, the incorporation of the Proto-Germanic language allowed the work to acquire a poetic-mythological background more faithful to its origins. This has also led to use proper names for geographic landscapes and landmarks in which the action, avoiding modern voices that were not in use in the times of Arminius. The target has been the recreation of a total and faithful religious and mythological environment to unfold the story of Arminius the Cheruscan.