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Notes and Glossary

Latin-Germanic Glossary

This edition differs greatly from previous editions, also in the improvements of a Latin-Germanic Glossary which is unique in novels specialized in the history of Roman-Germanic wars, especially for its extensive and deep knowledge of the Proto-Germanic language, which seeks to serve the reader clearly and concisely for better understanding and re-creation of the Germanic culture of the Cherusci, protagonists of the saga. The new edition also offers detailed explanations introduced under the form of comfortable foot notes.

The Latin-Germanic Glossary serves as private dictionary for the work, and focuses on most of the terms used in it. No need for a mark or asterisk, unlike previous editions, the terms are available to the reader interested in alphabetical order. Removing the asterisks is not to hinder or impede the reading to those who do not wish to go into expendable details as following the action.

The footnote has been introduced in this edition for those explanations considered necessary for a better understanding of the text, so they are on the same page in which a term appears for the first time. Furthermore, the content of these notes is included in the Glossary at the end of each episode.