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Artur Balder


Bust of Artur Balder, by Joan Castejón. Bronze, 2014.

Among others novels, essays and written poetry, Artur Balder (Alicante, 1974) is the author of the Saga of Teutoburg. A masterpiece in the genre of historical fiction, the Saga of Teutoburg is the most extensive fictional work ever dedicated to the Germanic leader Arminius the Cheruscan. Writer and film director of well-known international reputation, Balder's literary work has crossed borders with many translations. The theories on heroism that are to be find in his essays find faithful reflection in his narrative works, dedicated to semi-legendary historical figures (Arminius, Widukind), with an intense meditation on the human nature and the condition of freedom.

Artur Balder was awarded “Total Artwork 2013” by the Wagner Society. He received this prize for his set of novels 'Tetralogy of Teutoburg'", the longest and richest saga about the Germanic world and its central hero, Arminius the Cheruscan.

Artur Balder's research on the history of the Spanish emigration to the city of New York took him to popularize, thanks to his documentaries, the Spanish presence in Manhattan with such films as Little Spain: a Century of History, now for sale in DVD edition and Little Spain: 14th Street Tales. Sponsored by the telecommunications company Telefónica S.A., the documentary Ciria pronounced Thiria, a research on abstract contemporary art with the participation of the most influential American art critic of the last decades, Dr. Donald Kuspit, will be premiered in the USA by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) of New York in 2013.

Meet the author at www.arturbalder.us

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